2022 Sax Jam Rules


  1. Download the Official backing track here:
    DO NOT rearrange the official track nor change its key, tempo, etc.

  2. Record a video of your improvisation with the Official backing and upload it to YouTube with the tag #2022cloudvocalsaxjam (Entries uploaded to Instagram and Facebook WILL NOT be recognized as eligible entry, however feel free to share your video on your social media after uploading to your youtube channel.)

  3. ONLY ONE entry per person. Please set camera angle properly to show it's actually you playing a real saxophone.

  4. ALL entries MUST BE PLAYED on real saxophones (digital saxophones are ok as long as it consists a reed and a mouthpiece). It is OK to use effects while recording, but please don't overdub since it's an improvisation.

  5. Crews at Cloudvocal will narrow the eligible entries down. Next we will share the information with our panel of judges and vote for the winners. Besides the top3, there will be special awards announced by the panel of judges.

  6. Uploads are to be entered in by 23:59 (GMT+0), October 20th, 2022.

  7. Enjoy and have fun!


Grand prize


2nd place

Theo Wanne DURGA 5 Alto Mouthpiece

3rd place


Special Awards


A set of ISOLO PRIME wireless system
(Value $649)

Sax school online

1 Year Full access to Sax School PRO Education
(value $480)


Q: I want to join this event but I don't know how to improvise, what can I do ?

A: You can also record your playing note to note and upload it too. Though this may not make you proceed to the finalists, Cloudvocal will prepare a raffle to encourage entries of all skill level. We will prepare 5 sets of EC-5 Noise Isolating Earphones (worth $110 ) for 5 lucky players whoever upload their playings successfully with #2022cloudvocalsaxjam

Q: I can play from baritone to soprano, what instrument should I use ?

A: We've prepared the backing in both Eb and Bb keys so you can play what sounds best to you. The panel of judges will focus on the musical content rather than anything else. Therefore just give your best shot !

Q: Is there any information about the track? For instance, music sheet ?

A: We suggest to go to this tutorial page created by our partner, Sax school online. In this page, you can have information like chords, music sheets and even some strategies of building up your own improvisation ideas.

Q: Why I keep seeing some people upload more than "one" video ? Other than that, will Cloudvocal's collaborating musicians also compete for the prizes ?

A: Since Cloudvocal has collaborating musicians and brand ambassadors, sometimes we need them to help us spread the words. Therefore it could be sometimes multiple video uploads. Please be noted that we already informed our collaborating musicians and ambassadors that they won't be competing for the prizes to avoid conflict of interests.