2022 Sax Jam winners

Winners of
EC-5 Noise Isolating Earphones

Dario Saxophone

Keith Newton

Elliott Mills

Terence Edward Nesbit

Charlie North

Top3 winners

Third Prize winner: Artem Sax

"You sound fantastic on this solo Artem - such lovely gentle control over your entire range (including that awesome altissimo phrase at the end!). I really enjoyed the build throughout your solo too. Great job!" Sax School Online
"A really well constructed solo, from the mellow tones at the intro, through to the exciting climax. Great expression, and a solid full bodied solo. Also, loving the outdoors location"

Second Prize winner: Szabolcs Gàbor

"There are so many surprising phrases in your solo Szabolcs that keep me smiling all the way through. I really enjoyed your laid back and very groovy feel too. This is a wonderful example of a contemporary soprano solo that rocks!" Sax School Online

"I love the harmonic shapes that you pick out within the chord sequence. For me, your phrasing and feel do the talking, and sometimes it shows that you don’t always need to hit the altissimo notes to knock out a great solo!" Sax.co.uk

Grand prize winner: AshleyJ sax

"Wow! Great feel and style all the way through this solo Ashley! I really like your tone and control in the altissimo too. For me the standout feature though is your excellent sense of time and groove. Love it." Sax School Online

"Great job Ashley! You have a great sound concept, with a very modern and concise smooth jazz sensibility. I love the way you develop the solo and build towards the end."Sax.co.uk

Special Award winners

Cloudvocal Award

Allen Yu

Sax school online Award

Sax & son